Tourist attractions

Piechowice - an old, beautifully situated village a short distance from Szklarska Poreba in Karkonosze (Giant Mountains) in south-western Poland.

Great starting point for shorter and longer trips, hiking, cycling, skiing, canoeing, horse-riding! 

In Piechowice:

• 700-year-old yew  - Piechowice Dolne, ul. Żymierskiego 12

• "Crocus" Reserve - estate Górzyniec (worth visiting in late April-May)

• Rock tunnel – ul. Sudecka (access to housing Michałowice)

• Neo-Romanesque parish church from 1909-1911,  in Neo-Romanesque and eclectic style from the early twentieth century (Piechowice, ul. Żymierskiego 40)

• Filial Church of Corpus Christi, in Gothic and Baroque, mentioned in 1399r., built in the early sixteenth century, rebuilt in the seventeenth century, renovated in 1827 and 1960. Inside there is a late Gothic tabernacle wall, stone baptismal font and late Renaissance pulpit and choir stalls from around1602r. -. (Piechowice - Piastów).

List of trails:

Blue Trail – town center - Piechowice Górne - Szklarka Waterfall - Szklarska Poreba

Blue Trail – town center - Michałowice – Trzy Jawory – Wysoki Most (High Bridge) Crossroads at Wielki Szyszak - Pass at Pod Śmielcem

Yellow trail – town center - Piechowice Górne - Szklarska Poreba – Zakręt Śmierci (Death Turning)

Yellow trail – town center - Piechowice Dolne – Cicha Dolina (Silent Valley) - Jagniątków - Przesieka

Green trail – town center - Piechowice Górne - Górzyniec – Bobrowe Skały (Beaver Rock) - blue trail to Wojcieszyce or Rozdroże Izerskie

Cycle bypass in Jelenia Góra – town center - Górzyniec - Kromnów or from the town center - Piechowice Dolne - ul.Pakoszowska – Sobieszów - Miłkowów

Direction Silesian Spa Teplice – town center - Piechowice Dolne - ul.Pakoszowska ul. Zamkowa – Osiedle Orle – Cieplice Śląskie Zdrój

Direction Chojnik Castle – town center – Piechowice Dolne - Road no. 366 - J.Góra / Sobieszów - Chojnik Castle